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Arts in the Time of COVID-19 (Arts in COVID-19) 日本語は下に

Facing difficult times caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak, Arts in the Time of COVID-19 (Arts in COVID-19) was recently established at the Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts in order to conduct research, analyze and consider solutions to our current situation.

As the novel coronavirus pandemic spreads, contemporary society today is dramatically changing. The arts are not an exception. In February and March, when the coronavirus outbreak was rapidly expanding in Japan, most museums and galleries were closed down, while most concerts, live performances and theater plays were cancelled. In particular, during the state of emergency—declared from the beginning of April to the beginning of July—almost all culture and arts activities were forced to cancel. Even now that the state of emergency has been lifted, every cultural institution is required to organize new systems to keep ‘social distance’ and avoid ‘the three Cs’ (Closed Spaces, Crowded Places and Close-Contact Settings).

The spread of the novel coronavirus is undermining the basic infrastructure of our arts and culture. In particular, the limitation of mobility between different countries asks us to reconsider a way of contemporary art that was once based on the process of globalization. Meanwhile, the virtual world on the Internet is becoming increasingly essential. The rapid change of our work styles towards remote work or work-from-home, in addition to the development of digital media technology—in particular, videotelephony services such as ZOOM or Google Meet—are dramatically transforming our pattern of life and even our value system.

This project tries to answer the following questions: how can the arts respond to the crisis that comes with the novel coronavirus? How are art and culture going to change after the ‘end’ of this pandemic crisis? What can universities, higher education institutions, and in particular, arts universities like ours do to overcome this difficult period?

There are three areas in the Arts in the Time of COVID-19 project:

Firstly, the project makes reports, conducts research and examines the ways in which actors and institutions of art and culture are being affected by and dealing with the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Secondly, it organizes a series of symposiums, discussions and workshops to consider the problem and possible solutions.

Thirdly, it tries to organize practical and experimental art projects such as exhibitions and live performances in the (post) coronavirus era.

This project has just launched urgently and without any preparation. We are still discussing where we should go and what we will achieve. Organizing spontaneous, contingent and emergent events, this project will last until at least March 2021. Your corporation and participation would be appreciated.

Yoshitaka Mōri

Arts in the Time of COVID-19 (Arts in COV-19) Project

Professor Graduate School of Global Arts

Tokyo University of the Arts

COVID-19時代における文化芸術プロジェクト(Arts in the Time of COVID-19:通称 Arts in COVID-19)


COVID-19時代における文化芸術プロジェクト(Arts in the Time of COVID-19:通称Arts in COVID-19)は、新型コロナウイルスが拡大し文化芸術に大きな影響を与えている状況に際し、現状を調査、分析しつつ、その対応策を考えるために東京藝術大学大学院国際芸術創造研究科の中に立ち上げられました。特に私たちが大学という研究・教育組織に属していることから、すでに確立した文化芸術領域だけではなく、今まさに活動を始めようとしている若い実践者の現状や未来も見ていきたいと考えています。






  • 文化芸術に関わる組織や実践者が、新型コロナウイルスによってどのような影響を受け、どのように対処しているかを記録・調査・検証する。
  • 現状を検証し、今後の問題点と可能性を考えるためのシンポジウムや研究会、ワークショップを開催する。
  • 新型コロナウイルス時代における文化芸術のありかたを実践的に考えるプロジェクトや展覧会、ライブやコンサート、パフォーマンスやイベントを企画する。






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